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Anti-glare Rear View Mirror w/ Frame ECM-D0006

        Product Advantage: Anti-glaring automatically function for safer drive when exposed to strong lights.  Drivers do not need to adjust the mirror manually.

        Product Specification: 

         Working Voltage9V ~+16V

           Storage Temp.-40~+95

           Working Temp.-40~+85

           Response Time70%20%8S (at25)

           Response Time10%60%10S(at25)

           High Reflectivity70%

           Low Reflectivity73%

           Max Working Current<350mA

           Holding Current50mA


Car Radio with Bluetooth Diagnosis CRM-01

        Product Advantage: Car diagnosis via Bluetooth, enabling users to check vehicle status

        Product Specification

         Function: FM/AM Radio, USB Music Playing, USB Charging, Bluetooth Music Playing, Bluetooth Car Diagnosis, Controlled by Button on Steering Wheel,  Voice Alert

         Media SupportedMP3WMA

         Storage: U Disk

         Range of Working Voltage9V~16V

         Rated Current5A

         Max Power Output2*25W VCC=14V,RL=4

         Working Temp.-30桫80

         Storage Temp.-40桫85

         Dark Current1mA

         Installation: Concealed, Fixed by Bracket

         Size187*140*60mm (Product Size, Bracket not Included)

         Certification and Testing: EMC, Fire Retardant V0


Vehicle Dual Zone DVD Player  GSS-07

        Product Advantage:  Separate Control of Driver area and Passenger area, Automotive Grade Philips Loader

        Product Specification

         Function: Separate Control of Driver Area and Passenger Area, DVD/CD Player, USB Player, FM/AM, RDS Function, Bluetooth, Separate MIC for Driver Area and Passenger Area, Internal Audio/Video Selector, Support 2 Channels of External Cameras, Support CAN

         Media Supported Support MPEG-1MPEG-2MPEG-4OGG,OGM,MP3WMA,JPG

         Storage: DVD, U Disk

         Video Channel and Format: 3 Video Output (2 for Passenger Area, 1 for Driver Area), 1 Video Input, 2 Camera Input, PAL/NTSC

         Audio Channel: 1 Way 4 Track RCA Output, 1 RCA Input

         MIC: 1 channel for Driver Area, 1 channel for Passenger Area

         Karaoke: 1 Karaoke Port

         Bluetooth: Support Bluetooth Handsfree Calling and Bluetooth Music Playing

         Amplifier: 4x22W (2 Ways in Driver Area, 4 Ways in Passenger Area

         Working VoltageDC12V/24V(11~36V);

         Working Temp.-20~70;


         Installation: Single Din

         Installation Angle-3090




Wireless VOD

        Product Advantage: Customized Pop-up Advertisements to Generate Profits for Bus Operators.   Easier Installation for Wireless Signal Transmission

        Product SpecificationWireless VOD can be with or without display terminals.

         һWith Display Terminals
         1Personal User Interface
         2Multi-touch Panel
         3Big Screen High Resolution Display
         4Support Mobile Charging
         5Support USB Playing
         Without Display Terminals
         1End userssmartphones, tablets or laptops can connect to servers via WIFI to order programs, browse websites without the worry of data usage of their devices.
         2The Server is good to provide stable high-speed internet connection for 60+ users to order and enjoy their favorite programs smoothly.
         3Value Added Service-Jump to Designated Websites
         4Pop-up Advertisement

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